BPOs in the Covid Age

Offshore sourcing offers a practical response to the new workplace environment.

| June 16, 2021

The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential for businesses to adapt and reconsider existing practices. Due to travel restrictions and economic recessions, the traditional structure of many organisations has had to be reconsidered. Creating and implementing new strategies to suit the new work conditions can be time- and money-consuming. However, MVP exists to make offshoring an easy and cost-effective alternative.


The New Workplace

Just over a year ago, the traditional workplace looked like all hands on deck, with all office desks and spaces occupied. It was easy to relocate highly skilled job candidates or to make Fly-In-Fly-Out arrangements. However, the pandemic has disrupted these traditional systems by forcing companies to implement work-from-home models or seek remote work. This is why BPOs have become a key player in the COVID-affected workplace.


How Business Process Outsourcing Can Help

Companies are increasingly becoming aware of and utilising BPOs to improve their efficiency and quality of output. As a cost-effective means for allocating roles to offshore experts, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, companies are using BPOs to overcome challenges of travel restrictions and reduced work forces.


Access highly skilled talent. Companies can more easily get in contact with and hire highly skilled international professionals relevant to their available job positions.

Cost-effective staff. BPOs allow companies to engage with remote experts in a cost-effective manner by reducing company time spent on searching for appropriate candidates.


Where can MVP assist?

A broad range of professional industries are able to benefit from BPO activities in order to improve their work output quality and maintain a cost-effective budget. A wide range of industries are able to benefit from hiring remote experts through MVP, including, but not limited to customer support, accounting, and software development.


Customer support. With a focus on creating rich customer relationships, the team can assist with inbound and outbound customer support to improve customer satisfaction and grow your business’ brand.

Finance and accounting. Offshore accountants can focus on complex and analytical tasks that have a real impact on the day-to-day financial operations of your business. Their streamlined resources improve efficiencies company-wide.

Software and development. Expert developers can deliver high-quality web application development for any organisation. Clean coding practices improve overall usability and user experience.


The MVP Difference

MVP values your business and appreciates the difficulties associated with hiring and managing remote team members. That’s why our aim is to make outsourcing your business processes easy and seamless by bridging highly skilled offshore professionals and small, medium and large-sized enterprises. This process allows your MVP to integrate into your company so they become an extension of your team.


State-of-the-art facilities. MVP offers a tailored experience for your company by providing your MVP with equipment and facilities tailored specifically to your business.

Unlimited assistance. We provide unlimited support to ensure the best integration of your MVP into your business.

Data encryption. Your company’s data remains completely secure and confidential with your MVP.


If you think a remote team member could help streamline your business, contact MVP today!

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